Need More Life in Your Work-Life Balance?

  • Drowning in paper?
  • Rising stress levels?
  • Tired of taking work home?
  • Can't find the time to get organised?

Aequilibra provide solutions to help you manage your time, information and working environment more effectively so that you can improve productivity, reduce stress and have more life in your work-life balance.

Stop Drowning in Paper

> The FAT System
Find the bottom of your in-tray and learn how to clear your desk of paper stacks

> Reducing Paper Overload
Reduce the volume of paper in your organisation with our 1 hour Seminar

Get Organised

> Professional Organising Services
We can help you get organised and create a productive working environment

> All In A Day's Work
A 1-day service designed for busy Executives

Find Anything You File in Seconds

> Taming the Paper Tiger
The #1 Paper Management software product in the world

> Paper Tiger Training
From the UK's ONLY Paper Tiger Expert

Streamline Your Small Business

> Small Business Solutions
We can help you get your paperwork in order, make better use of your computer, and manage your resources.

Improve Your Time Management

> Time & Information Management Training
Think Time Management training is a waste of time? Try a different approach

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Going Green?

Want to improve your green credentials?

Find out how we can help your business go green


Did You Know...?
  • Only 20% of paper in the average office requires action, 40% needs to be kept for future reference and the remaining 40% can be destroyed.
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Quotable Quotes

The mark of a successful man is one that has spent an entire day on the bank of a river without feeling guilty about it.

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