About Aequilibra
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Our aim is to help you manage your resources and working environment more effectively so that you can improve productivity, reduce stress, and keep up with the increasing demand to do more with less.

Why Choose Aequilibra?

We believe that a 'one size fits all' approach creates more problems than it solves. Instead, we offer tailored solutions that take into account your needs, working styles, computer skills, workplace demands, available resources, and so on.

equilibrium n.pl. equilibriums or equilibria [Latin aequilibrium: aequi-, equi- + libra, balance
  1. A condition in which all acting influences are cancelled by others, resulting in a stable, balanced, or unchanging system.
  2. Mental or emotional balance; poise.

Our Services include:

  • Professional Organising
  • Training Courses, Seminars and Consultancy
  • Solutions for Small Businesses & Self-Employed
  • Customising MS Office applications to suit individual users/groups
  • Designing document templates for standard documents/forms.

The UK's Only Paper Tiger Expert

Taming the Paper Tiger is the #1 Paper Management software product in the world. Paper Tiger is a very powerful, yet simple document management and filing system software that uses an indexing system to help you find anything you file in seconds (with no document scanning involved).

Aequilibra can install and configure Taming the Paper Tiger software, convert your files to the new system and provide training for individuals/groups.

Background & Experience

Our Lead Consultant is a Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst and Certified Professional Values Analyst with an indepth understanding of how different behavioural styles and values impact upon a person's preferred working style, communication style, time management/organisational skills, and stress response.

We have extensive experience of providing I.T. training and support to users of all abilities and believe that computers can be a great time-saver. We can help you make effective use of technology but we also understand that I.T. may not always be the best solution for you so we never promote it over other methods that may be more suitable. Technophobes take note - we still carry paper diaries!


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Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

- Albert Einstein

Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit.

- William Pollard

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