'Reducing Paper Overload' Seminar

The paperless office is as big a myth as the cashless society. Paper comes into our offices in ever increasing volumes, often on a daily basis, but very little of it ever leaves.

It's estimated that only 20% of the paper in the average office requires action by the person keeping it and only 40% of it needs to be kept for future reference.

That leaves 40% that:

  • has no use
  • takes up valuable space
  • makes it increasingly difficult to find the information that we do need, when we need it.

It's also estimated that 80-90% of information in organisations is still kept on paper.

The consequences of paper overload include reduced productivity, missed deadlines and increased stress.

This 1-hour seminar introduces simple, practical techniques for reducing paper overload and creating a filing system that suits individual needs.

From dealing with paper as it arrives, through to organising the information that needs to stay, delegates learn how to create a paper-management system tailored to their working style that will enable them to access valuable information quickly and reduce the stress that paper overload inevitably causes.

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  • 80% of papers that are filed are never referenced again.
  • The documentation for a Boeing 747 weighs more than the plane itself.
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Quotable Quotes

We can lick gravity but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming.

- Wernher von Braun

If you don't know you have it, or you can't find it, it's of no value to you.

- Barbara Hemphill