Professional Organising

A Professional Organiser can work with you to identify what's preventing you from being organised and create tailored solutions to help you get organised and stay organised.

We offer a 1-day service designed for busy executives and a bespoke service that can be anything from a few hours to a few days.

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Training Courses & Seminars

Reducing Paper Overload: A 1-hour seminar that introduces simple, practical techniques for reducing paper overload and creating a filing system to suit individual needs.

Time & Information Management: A 1-day training course that explores the ways in which behavioural styles and attitudes/values impact on the way we manage our time and information.

Taming the Paper Tiger: A 1-hour training course for individuals/groups on how to set up and make the best use of this revolutionary document management and filing system software.

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Small Business Solutions

Designed for self-employed and small business owners. We provide a tailor-made service which can range from 2 hours to 2 days (or more) and can include:-

  • setting up a simple filing system to help you keep track of bills, receipts etc
  • creating computer templates for standard documents/forms
  • creating spreadsheets for managing financial information or to be used as simple databases
  • customising MS Office programs to save you time, e.g. creating shortcuts etc for frequently used text and commands
  • completely overhauling your filing system
  • reorganising stock/supplies.

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